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Rebecca Robinson, a former London based Fine Artist , now lives on The Isle of Wight , commuting daily by Hovercraft

to STUDIO 10 at Hotwalls Studios ,Old Portsmouth, Hampshire .

Using ordinary, discarded, overlooked and found objects she makes extraordinary work creating art that is a simple expression of a complex idea. 

Her approach is project based , underpinned by extensive research and detailed preliminary drawings.

Her sought after hand stitched textile pieces and mixed media paintings often incorporate found objects and materials particular to the site of reference.

Antique textiles, plant matter and builders debris for example are used to create unique and evocative works.

Her installation and sculptural pieces find her employing hand sewing using small repetitive gestures and low-tech materials.

Her work is often extravagantly inefficient in time and labour and thus questions notions of perceived value, division of labour and mass consumption.

She painstakingly creates pieces where often only a small percentage of the finished work can be viewed by the audience, asking us to reflect on the unseen endeavors of all artists and crafts people. 


She is a founder member and visual lead for POLYMATTERS , an improvisational creative collective 

Rebecca is an experienced Tutor, Arts Education Consultant, Creative Project Manager and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

She runs regular creative classes and workshops for individuals and small groups.